Six Ways To Fix Your Sustainability Marketing

How should your business market those sustainable things? Well for starters no one wants to know what your business does to save the planet, but the consumer wants to know how they have changed the world by using your product !

So thanks to Forbes here are some ways you can change your sustainability marketing to be of benefit to your consumer:

1. Make Your Consumer The Hero (Not You)

When you’re telling the story of your business’s sustainability, you are not the hero – your consumer is

2. Be (Very Very) Honest

For Gen Z, trust is built on sincerity and not purpose. For them, real honesty is all about transparency.

3. Say Sorry

If (when!) you make a mistake on sustainability, apologise quickly, publicly and without reservation.

4. Sell The Benefits Not The Duty

Does your sustainable fabric feel softer, lighter, more luxurious? Don’t just sell the sustainability, sell the benefit.

5. Become A ‘Servant Brand’

How can you change your sustainability messaging so your consumer can feel great about herself for choosing you, rather than give you a round of applause?

6. Invent

Communication is critical, but we can’t ignore your product. Almost everyone – 98% – believe brands have a responsibility to make a positive change in the world.